A Race for Survival: Rule or Be Ruled and Play to Win in the City of the Future

Ajman, United Arab Emirates, Aug. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AIVO Venture FZC A satisfying open world allowing players to experience ultimate tactical and survival gameplay, while offering potential earning and investment opportunities with the “ Play With Earn” model that brings maximum benefits to its players. GaliXCity – INO ready to roll out on 08/26, the project has gone through testnet with flying results and will enter mainnet in September 2022. This is the first GameFi product in the NEMO ecosystem – Studio Gihot’s long-term NFT metaverse project, funded and published by AIVO Venture FZC

Build an artificial city, create tangible assets

In a saturated market full of booming GameFi titles and projects, GaliXCity is a rare MMORT NFT project that is designed to recreate a fantasy cyberpunk city, with addictive action sequences and countless challenging activities, interacting with other players and create a new world in the player’s image. Amid the ruins after the meteorite impact, you will enter a fierce race for survival among survivors, to become the ruler or suffer the fate of the ruled. And the main mission of the player will revolve around rebuilding the universe of GaliXCity by various means: build his own Cyborg army, use heavy weapons (cannons, jets, tanks, …), build cities and exploit Resource.

The territories and resources you own in GaliXCity are fully convertible into NFT assets to be traded and traded on the Marketplace system in an open and transparent manner.

Designed by a studio with more than 10 years of experience in creating games, GaliXCity has successfully completed the “PLAY” part of the game, it is able to trigger an emotional response from its players, an in-depth experience – a feeling which will leave players awestruck.

Regarding the EARN part, GaliXCity developers worked hard to create a fair “Earnings” and “Investment” environment for specific target groups and built the NEMO platform – monitoring the main value of the token and operating/regulating the decentralized digital economy in the Game.

NEMO Token is a self-regulated algorithmic token

Unlike “unstable” tokens in other GameFi projects, NEMO is, as the name suggests, “stable” with a constant rate: 1 NEMO = $0.1 (USDT).

Under the supervision and operated by the NEMO platform, the financial economy of GaliXCity will be able to fight against inflation, regulate supply and demand and maintain a stable balance, guaranteeing an environment of “earnings” sustainable and equitable that suits both actors and investors.

How to win in GaliXCity?

For GaliXCity players, participating in daily in-game survival combat activities such as PvE, PvP, AvA, boss hunting can earn them NEMO Tokens and resources for trading on the NEMO platform.

For investors, you can join this project as a player to research, collect resources and NFTs to do profitable business in the market.

Are you farmers with an abundance of resources? Allocate human resources, calculate investment costs, research gameplay and “earning” mechanics immediately to collect NEMOs and resources and make a quick profit in the market.

For gaming guilds with strong communities willing to cooperate and share profits, the expansion of the GaliXCity universe will be supported by the policies of the project.

Especially if you are a land owner of GaliXCity, the territory it owns will be registered on each project server, continuously proliferating infinite resources with Free Mint Hero NFT mechanics. Finally, landowners can upgrade the land to get more “NEMOs” or market their NFTs to earn more NEMO tokens.

Why “play with winning”?

To ensure that the interests of players and investors will always be high, GaliXCity operates under the “Play-With-Earn” model with token spending most of the allocation for the community. To own tokens, all users from gamers, investors, dev team, venture capitalists, etc. must participate in project activities such as gaming, farming and multi-game, contributing to the general development of the game. This means that there will be no pre-mint tokens or priority tokens for sale to funds investment earlier than everyone else.

The Play With Earn mechanic brings benefits and fairness to those who participate in GaliXCity:

Players or investors: can join the game and test the product for free. Then, if you like this virtual world and find it an interesting investment opportunity, you can start investing right away through NEMO coins on the NEMO platform. the community: Provide the opportunity to participate and buy and sell tokens from the start, and at the same time have the right to personal governance, to contribute ideas to the project development team. For small investors: Having the possibility to buy tokens as a reserve fund, not fearing that large investors will “unload” en masse, causing the price of the token to fall (Rug Pull). no longer make profits by hoarding and “unloading” tokens. Instead, GaliXCity offers the possibility of becoming a NEMO agent for VCs with an appropriate discount for each subscription package, with its own policies and benefits, guaranteeing them a Mystery Box with each INO sale.

Currently, the project has announced its roadmap for 2023 with a vision to complete and release 4 GameFi products in the NEMO ecosystem within 2 years, and at the same time open up the surreal NFT Metaverse experience, by taking the city of GaliXCity as its center. The soon to be integrated VR-AR technology will also bring the most realistic and vivid perspective to this successful NFT product.

For more information, check out our official social networks and channels: Website: https://galixcity.io/ White paper: https://docs.galixcity.io/ Telegram group: https://t.me/GaliXCity—GlobalChat Telegram channel: https://t.me/GaliXCity—OfficialChannel Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPHPAlbeh8diujgCtzGwR6g Twitter: https://twitter.com/GaliXCity—io

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